What We Believe

We believe in one God who is at the same time the creator of the universe, the redeemer of the world, and the source and sustenance of all life: God above us, God beside us, God within us; the God whom Jesus called Father, the God whom the Father called Son, the God who is the indwelling Spirit. God exists in perfect communion within this Trinity, a model of perfect love and fellowship.

Out of this abundance of love, God freely created all that exists and what God has created is good. Humankind has been created in God’s image and as such is free to love and be loved, free to choose good or evil, free to accept or reject God’s authority. Humanity has chosen to reject God, to be an authority unto itself, and thus to be mired in sin, eternally estranged from God.

In loving freedom and power God chose to be revealed to the world in the person of Jesus Christ. God took on human flesh: fully human, fully divine, simultaneously revealing God’s nature and the nature of humanity as God has called it to be. In His life and ministry Jesus perfectly embodied the grace of God, living in true relationship with God and in harmony with the human family. Dying on the cross He took upon himself the guilt, pain, and suffering of the world. Humanity was reconciled to its Creator; sin and evil were crucified.

The grateful response of a forgiven people is obedience to God’s law of love. Those who seek forgiveness and reconciliation are called to repent and work together as members of one body. The Church is the body of Christ in the world. Empowered by the Spirit we become the hands, the feet, the voice of the living Christ. It is through human hands that God touches, blesses, and heals a broken world.

Through the gift of the Spirit believers are enabled to bring about transformation in their own lives, in their communities, and in the world. We are able to claim the identity Christ has given us to live into. It is important for Christians to recognize this mandate for the present transformation of society: to work for justice, equality, harmony, and peace; to share the good news of reconciliation made possible through the work of Christ.

Human knowledge of God is incomplete. We can only know what has been revealed through creation, scripture, and the person of Jesus Christ. Through these we can be confident of God’s loving character, constant care, and redeeming grace. We can trust that God is righteous, just, faithful, and forgiving. We can expect these things from God. We also know God expects this much of us: to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God (Micah 6:8).

This congregation’s Christian beliefs are best summarized in the Brief Statement of Faith of the PC(USA):

Brief Statement of Faith

Our Mission

We are a people drawn together by faith to love justice and walk humbly with our God as we serve in our community. We strive to understand the meaning of Scripture by actively participating in worship, music, listening to sermons, and partaking in the Sacraments and prayer. Through pastoral care and congregational support we function as a caring, united church family. All this draws us together in Christ’s love and service.

Our Vision

By the grace of God Pleasant Run Presbyterian Church will be a welcoming provider of Presbyterian traditional and contemporary worship, applying scripture lessons to daily life. Worship will be full of praise and music where Christians of all ages are involved. We will continue to embrace diversity in our community and fulfill our mission as a Spirit-led congregation. By expanding outreach and mission we will promote spiritual growth.

As a visible and vibrant member of the local community, the congregation, with diligence and perseverance, will pursue the ministry of Christ in love and in truth. While our congregation continues to strengthen and support each other, we will seek to create new traditions that demonstrate God’s love. With God’s help and guidance, we will attain and surpass our goal of reaching out to the community in service by feeding the hungry, helping the poor, assisting in disaster relief, providing hands-on restoration projects and encouraging stewardship of the earth.

The local community will easily recognize our presence and derive tangible benefits from our service. We invite all who want to enjoy the warm and welcoming spirit of our church family. Pleasant Run Presbyterian Church is a place of comfort where people will find Christ and feel at home.