Worship with us!

Guidelines for safe worship

  1. A team of people will be cleaning pews, bathrooms, and wiping all high use areas each week before we worship on Sunday.
  2. We ask all who come to worship to practice self-monitoring, i.e. take your temperature and consider if you have any symptoms relative to COVID 19. If you have a temperature greater than 100.4F, exhibit any symptoms, or feel sick in any way, please stay home.
  3. We will use the rear parking lot entrance (glass doors) only to enter and exit the building.
  4. Worshipers are asked to use the stairs and not the elevator if they are able. Unless occupants are of one family, the number of persons using the elevator at one time will be limited to two.
  5. Worshipers will be required to wear a mask. If you have one, please bring it and wear it. If you forget your mask, we will have a limited supply of disposable masks at the church. If you do use a disposable mask, please take it with you and dispose of it at home.
  6. Hand sanitizer will be available at the door and in the narthex. You are encouraged to use this.
  7. There will be no greeter. Ushers will be available to help with seating and exiting the sanctuary.
  8. When entering the sanctuary, please sit in a designated area. We will have the pews (every other pew) marked for social distancing.
  9. Bulletins with prayers and song lyrics will be emailed weekly. We ask worshipers to print this out and bring it with them or to open the email on their phone or iPad to follow along. The order of worship, songs, and prayers will also be projected onto the sanctuary screen. A limited number of bulletins will be available in the narthex. Worshipers are asked to take their paper bulletins with them when they leave.
  10. There will be no corporate singing during the service. We will have hymns and music and our worship team will sing. However, we ask worshipers to follow along and sing only in the silence of their hearts. The pastor and worship associate may vacate the chancel for designated seats in the sanctuary when the worship team sings.
  11. There will be no Bibles, hymnals, offering envelopes, pens, pencils, or paper of any kind in the pew. Worshipers are encouraged to bring their own Bibles. Song lyrics will, of course, be in the bulletin and projected on the screen.
  12. We will have no passing of the peace, or offering or Communion plates. There will be an offering plate just inside the sanctuary by the door. Members and friends are encouraged to mail their tithes and offerings to the church. In the coming months, online giving will be available. Already established count procedures must always be followed, with one exception: counting in the church office with the door closed. Counters (always two) will count the offering socially distanced in the fellowship hall wearing masks and gloves.
  13. We will not have prayer cards or verbal prayer requests. Worshipers can call or email Pastor Bobbie with prayer requests. Requests received by Saturday evening will be included in that Sunday’s prayers.
  14. When we celebrate Communion, we will use individual, prepackaged communion cups and wafers. A separately wrapped gluten free option will be available. All of these will be placed on a table for you to pick up as you enter the sanctuary. Worshipers are asked to dispose of these in the trash can provided in the narthex.
  15. There will be no Sunday School for children or adults at this time.
  16. We will have the bathrooms open for use. There will be disinfectant spray and/or wipes available for use. 
  17. After worship, worshipers will leave row by row as directed by the ushers. Everyone is asked to immediately exit the building and socialize safely in the open air.
  18. Whenever possible, doors and windows will be left open during the service. If the weather necessitates air conditioning, it will be turned on Saturday night and turned off prior to the service. Heat, if used, will be left on during worship.
  19. We will not have a coffee hour before or after church, nor serve refreshments of any kind inside the building.
  20. Deacons will keep a weekly roster (checklist) of those in attendance, listing visitors and non-members by name. This will provide a means for knowing who is at worship on a given Sunday in the event that a worshiper becomes sick. If, following the service, a worshiper tests positive for COVID 19 we will know who to notify so that they can speak with their doctor or the health department concerning testing or quarantining at home.