Water, Stars, and Pelicans

By Michael Ray James

Created by the Son,

glistening at the bay

God’s pelicans gliding every day

inches above the water stars

as they dance on calming waves.

Running under the piers

like diamonds sliding and twinkling,

never sinking in the water

appearing as a million eyes winking.

Obeying their creator,

building runways for pelicans inches above

the never-failing water stars peaceful as doves,

as the Pelicans quietly move

only a hands reach above.

The beauty of their graceful glide

by the pelicans at the bay,

both are God’s creations

made within seven days.

Water Stars and Pelicans

for my weary eyes to behold,

allowing my mind to relax and consume

for ages, young and old.

The combining beauty

of His divinely created gifts

of ordered things in unison

providing our hearts with a much-needed lift.

The pelicans and the water stars

both playing together each day

at the Daphne May Day Park Bay

I thank my God as I bend to pray.

For a wonderful free gift of love and peace

considering others first, myself always least

as my Savior wishes my heart to be

always finding myself in true humility with thee.