Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

By Barb Furkin

I just don’t know if we can say it enough. To all of you who helped to make the fish frys and rummage sale so successful, thank you.

First of all, for the fish frys. To all of the scout parents who volunteered their time to bake, serve, and work at the fish frys; and donated cupcakes, brownies, cookies and bread, thank you. To the ladies from the church who came on Thursdays before the fish frys to bag the bread and fill the tartar sauce, pickle, and horseradish containers. To all the ladies of the church who baked all the macaroni and cheese each week and made sure it was delivered to the church on Friday before the fish fry. Many of these ladies also made cupcakes, brownies, and cookies, thank you. To the scout leaders who worked so hard to get all of the scouts and their parents to help out and made sure the signup sheet was filled each week for workers and donations, thank you. To all of the friends of the scouts who worked to help fry the fish and run the fish out to the fryers and in to the kitchen; and those who worked in the kitchen to cook and clean during and after the fish frys, thank you. We also had both church members and friends of the church give generous donations out of the goodness of their hearts, thank you. Because of all of the devoted workers and their hard work, this year turned out to be the best fish fry ever! We brought in over $15,300. After all of the expenses were paid, we were able to divide the profits and give the Scouts a check for $4,045.74.

Then six weeks later we had our Spring Rummage and Bake Sale. Things looked a little scarce at the beginning of that week, so we sent out an urgent request for donations and our prayers were answered. We received lots of treasures. Some from church members who are no longer with us, some from neighbors who needed to get rid of some things, some from friends of the church along with our faithful church members. We had many customers waiting to get in on that Saturday morning plus many at the end when we had our bag sale. Because St. Vincent de Paul no longer comes to pick up after a rummage sale, we had to carry all of the leftover items out to their trailer. We were not sure how we were going to pull that off; however, we had several people that came at the end of the event and helped box and bag up the items. Then we had three wonderful men that offered to carry out all of the boxed and bagged items to the trailer. After that the clean-up crew jumped in and within an hour the fellowship hall was back to normal. You couldn’t tell anything had taken place! The cashiers counted the money and the kitchen crew decided there was enough food left to have lunch available for purchase after church the following day. So at the end of these two days, we had brought in over $1,000 from the Rummage and Bake sale. Again this was the best Rummage and Bake sale we had ever had.

Without the support of our church family; church friends; neighbors; scouts and their families and friends we would not be able to raise this much money for our missions to help with the needs of our community.

Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude and love, and for that we say