Thank Him for the people around you

We always thank God for all of you and continually mention you in our prayers.

1 Thessalonians 1:2

This verse clearly tells us they gave thanks for “all of you”. It can be easy to be thankful for the people we are closest to, but what about the teller at the bank or the bag boy at the grocery store? Do you notice the lady who checked you in at your doctor’s appointment or the waiter who took your lunch order? We can get so busy that we quit noticing people.

That is in direct opposition of what our Savior did. He went out of His way to see people with less than perfect backgrounds and less than glamorous jobs. He took time to notice, serve and thank His Father in Heaven. There are people all around us we can and should be grateful for. 

Our expression of gratitude to the Father impacts how we see and treat them. When we express gratitude to the people we encounter throughout our day, we have the opportunity to allow our words and actions to impact their lives. 

Take a look at the people around you. The ones you interact with on a regular basis and the ones you see sporadically. Who are they? Do you exhibit gratitude to those around you? Would they say you are friendly? 

Make a list of the people you see regularly. Beside their name, write one specific thing about them that you’re grateful for. To take it a step further, if you see them today or run into them this week, look them in the eyes and tell them. 

Pray and ask the Lord for open doors and opportunities to share with the people around you what you’re grateful for and why. When you share about people, add a specific reason for why you are grateful for them. Make it a priority to notice and share who you are grateful for. 

I wanted to share this daily devotional from a YouVersion Bible study I am doing called “21 Days to Cultivate a Grateful Heart.”  I hope you find this as meaningful as I do.

Betsy Hall

Thank Him for People You Know - Good News