Slava Ukraini!

How many times have you heard this phrase repeated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy–or his people–when speaking or demonstrating against the unprovoked attacks by Russia against their country?  This phrase sends a strong message from the citizens who want the world to hear them and do something to help them.  We might hear this cry but feel helpless in the face of the daunting humanitarian crisis caused by millions of people escaping the war and finding safety in nearby European countries. One man who listened and decided to do something was my friend and high school classmate, Don Wilkins.  Don, a talented artist, specializes in paintings using glass as a canvas.  He has created beautiful artwork using a process called “reverse painting on glass,” giving his works depth, shadows, and brilliant color.  Don, who lives in Westerville, Ohio, often displays his work at local businesses in downtown Westerville.  He has been very successful selling these pieces.  Recently, Don displayed his creations–beautiful paintings of sunflowers, the national flower of Ukraine–at local merchants. To date, he has sold 3 paintings for a total of $550.  The best part—he donated 100% of the proceeds to help Ukrainian refugees. Twenty-seven local artists in all are contributing proceeds from their works to the Americare Emergency Fund.  In Don’s words “Please do what you can with what you have.”