Session Synopsis for March

Session met on March 16. Pastor Bobbie’s report stated that she had participated in two Zoom workshops on stewardship that were offered by the Presbytery. She also met via Zoom with the Coalition of Churches. The Coalition decided that there would be no joint Good Friday service this year. However, there was discussion about an outdoor Bible study later in the year and/or a box lunch picnic. She is currently conducting a Zoom Lenten Bible study for PRP. Pastor Bobbie is continuing to reach out to members of the congregation by phone or email. She is fully vaccinated and hopes to soon begin in-person visits as requested or allowed.

The Deacons are meeting via Zoom on the first Monday of every month. They are working closely with the worship committee to make sure everything is set up correctly when communion is planned during worship. They continue to send cards to members of the congregation to keep everyone connected. A gift will be sent to the National Kidney Foundation in memory of Jean Thomson. The NFP is considering alternate ways of distributing products during COVID.  A suggestion is to distribute boxes by reservation like Augsburg Lutheran Church is doing with their monthly meal. 

Betsy’s outreach report stated that she had been asked about planning an outdoor Easter event. Session discussed and decided there would not be enough time or manpower to plan an event before Easter this year. This could be something for next year. She also requested ideas and content for the Good News.

Nancy’s worship report brought a motion from her committee to open the church for in-person worship beginning March 28, following the guidelines set up by the Covid Task Force. The Trustees had previously agreed to this date in their meeting. This motion was discussed and approved.

Kim’s mission report included several mission opportunities.  These are: collecting food items for the Augsburg Lutheran Community Meal and Operation “Deploy Your Dress” for the Military Support Group. Details will be sent on the info highway.  She also stated that the garden committee will be meeting to decide the opening and plans for the community garden.  Tom Richey is the manager again this year.

Harv’s Trustee report included discussion of the church finances, and the preparation plans for getting the church ready to open for in-person worship beginning March 28. Currently we are significantly behind on our collections compared to what was budgeted. Expenses are being monitored.

A Transition Team has been formed that consists of the Pastor, Clerk, Treasurer and members of Session. Their first task was to attend a Small Church Forum offered through the Presbytery and presented by the Presbyterian Foundation. The team will next meet at an Officer’s Retreat gathering in which we will cover our history, what is most important to our church, and how to move forward. Our hope is that the Transition Team will be able to meet at least on a monthly basis. This will not be part of the Session meeting.

The next Session meeting will be April 20 at 7pm.