Look Up in Wonder

By Betsy Hall

What is wonder?  Anene Nwachukwu defines it like this:  “Wonder means amazement, awe, marvel, astonishing, surprise, we look and look but we cannot believe our eyes. When we talk about God being a God of wonder, it means everything about God begins and ends with wonders. He carries out miraculous works and He alone can do great wonders.” [guardian.ng]

There is nothing more wondrous than a summer day or night.  You do not need to travel to experience this.  We are blessed right here in Ohio!  Every morning I look out the window and see a “herd” of rabbits (as many as six) in the yard.  They come out to feed on our clover, then move down to the pear tree where they join the squirrels.  The birds of course are everywhere, constantly serenading us with their songs and calls. Some prefer the high treetops, others the wet ground, and still others the railing on our deck. We are lucky to see the occasional Cooper or Red Hawk.  Most animals are smart enough to seek the coolness of our woods during the hottest part of the day, but at night they venture out again.

Nighttime is my favorite. Besides being cooler, there is another kind of wonder that happens during that time between day and night…dusk.  This is when I look up in wonder. I stand in my yard and watch the bats swooping and flying and changing direction on a dime!  What a show!  They are after insects, and that’s what drives me inside but not before seeing the wondrous night sky lit up by the “Buck Moon.”  This is the name for the full moon of July, which is visible July 12-15.  It is the third “super moon” of 2022 and appears particularly bright because it is closest to the Earth.  A few weeks ago I saw the alignment of 5 planets—Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn—an event that will not happen again until 2040.  There are many wonders in our collective backyards: the Little Miami, Great Miami, and Ohio Rivers; the beautiful rolling hills of northern Kentucky and southeast Indiana; the hardwood forests; the rich farmland that seems to stretch forever; the vineyards of Vinoklet Winery; the PRP Community Garden!  Venture out this summer and see the wonders for yourself!

This praise song by Third Day says it all:

God of wonders beyond our galaxy, You are holy, holy.
The universe declares Your majesty, You are holy, holy.

[songwriters: Steve Hindalong, Marc Byrd]