Barnes Mountain, KY. PRP reaches out beyond our community.

Six years ago Pleasant Run Presbyterian began an annual mission trip for adults and youth to the St. Timothy’s Episcopal Outreach Center on Barnes Mountain near Irvine, KY. Living at the Center for a week, our mission team assisted in projects to repair and rebuild the homes of those in need, including reflooring a trailer for a young couple and their baby, and weather proofing other homes for winter. Workers who attend always return with stories of appreciation and friendship from the people who make up this welcoming community.

PRP understands that simply giving does nothing to permanently change a situation. We must enable people to use their own skills and readily available resources to sustain themselves. To that end PRP donates seeds and fertilizer to expand the Center’s gardening program in the community. When people can grow their own food, they can eat.

More information about St. Timothy’s can be found on their website.

St. Timothy’s Episcopal Outreach Center

As our mission trips came to an end, PRP began an annual food drive for the Barnes Mountain community. Church members donate non-perishable food as well as monetary donations. Our Mission Committee adds money that has been raised and purchases food at a grocery store in a nearby town, which helps a local business. Each year the donations are used to make Christmas food baskets for those who are hungry.

A church member also donated large pieces of material which will contribute to the Center’s sewing group’s ability to line the caskets that are often made when a community member passes. Appalachian families usually can’t afford funeral homes.

With hands on mission PRP hopes to create a lasting difference for as many people as possible. And through this effort PRP will develop long standing relationships and see God’s true path for our work.