The Deacons care for the physical needs of the congregation.


The Deacons send cards to Congregation members and their families on behalf of the “Church Family” when the person is ill, there is a death in the family or a “thinking of you” card is needed.


Deacons send a representative to the following committees—

Christian Education
Prayer Chain
Communion/Baptismal Font

The Deacons are responsible for preparing the bread and wine for each scheduled Communion Sunday and for special services. When there is a baptism, the Deacons will prepare the baptismal font.

Congregational Aid

If a member needs a ride to a Church event or an appointment, store etc…, they can contact the Deacons. The Deacons also provide luncheons for the family after a funeral. Other memorial options can include a donation to the Memorial Fund or a charity or the planting of a tree in the grove.

Counter and Offering Envelopes

The Deacons count attendance each Sunday and put it in the Sunday bulletin. They also keep a supply of offering and Deacon Envelopes in the pew boxes.

Emergency Aid

The Deacons provide groceries for needy families in the Congregation and community.

First Aid

The Deacons keep the first aid kit supplied. There will be a kit located in the fellowship hall and one on the new narthex. Also listed are the names of Congregation members who know CPR. A list of emergency contact numbers will also be posted.

Gifts and Food

In case of illness of a congregation member, the Deacons will provide food, transportation or whatever is needed.


The Deacons get a person from the church family to welcome people for every service. If you would like to be a greeter, contact any of the Deacons.

Health Projects

Each year, the Deacons will try to organize two health related projects. If you have any ideas or requests, please contact any of the Deacons.

Shepherding Network

Each Congregation family should be contacted by their shepherd on a regular basis. Please notify your shepherd if there is an illness or death in your family. Or if there is a problem they can help with or if you just need to talk. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any Deacon and we will address it.

Shut Ins

The Deacons provide Communion to people who may be unable to attend the regular service. They are also remembered with gifts and cards.

SNAP Committee (Special Need of All People)

Each year, the SNAP Committee will organize work days where volunteers will do outside chore for the aging members of our Congregation and community. Chores include raking leaves, flower planting, minimal painting, changing light bulbs, etc…

In our Church library, there are two binders of services for the aging or the needy. If you need help please feel free to refer to these books. If you are interested in any of the SNAP Committee programs, contact any of the Deacons.

SON Ministries

Every third Sunday, the Deacons collect the “loose Coin Offering” which goes to help SON Ministries purchase food. A large basket is located in both the new and old narthex for non perishable food donations. In the fall, school supplies are also collected for SON Ministries.


Deacons find four volunteers for each service to collect the offering. If you would like to usher, contact any of the Deacons.